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Wieliczka - Salt Mine

Learn about the history
of white gold mining since the 14th century

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Imagine the network of amazing underground chambers, drilled out from the inside like eggshells, connected with a web of richly illuminated underground corridors, filled with backlit sculptures made out of translucent salt.

Imagine biggest underground cathedral cut directly in a rock of salt. Crystal chandeliers glowing around - Fairy tale? Miracle? - no , in opinnion of the XVII th century traveler - it is the Wieliczka SALT MINE "..not less magnifient than the egipts piramids, but much more usefull."

Learn about the history of white gold mining since the 14th century, find out if underground bungee is possible and lick off 5 kg of salt (included in the ticket price) from the walls of this UNESCO listed undeground miracle of the world.

Boring, but practical facts:

  • The whole tour last for about 4h in total(door-todoor) - the tour in the mine is roughly 2h15 min.and it is approx 3 km walk
  • In the mine, all year round there is a constant temperature of 15 degrees celsius.
  • All tourists due to safety issues (it is a labirynth of underground corridors after all..) are obliged to join organized tour
  • it is better to see the mine in the afternoon as it is usually less crowded then

Your only chance to experience the taste of salt 130 metres underground.

Rregular price - 130 zloty, students (must have valid students ID) - 110 zloty
Private and group tours - ask for our special offer

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