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our team

Our team comprises of young (sometimes only at heart ),passionate and dedicated guides. You may expect not only boring historical blah,blah, blah.. but also up-to date insight into polish reality, problems and politics.. always with individual, personal and often controversial commentary..


Filip – aka 'Fil' Guide of the summer 2007. Proud father of small Nina who apparently will be (at least) bilingual as Philip comes from Latvia. After arrival to Krakow he fell in love not only with the city but also decided to test whether it is really true that Polish girls make good wives. You can expect professional commentary in excellent english and a lot of this and that about what's cookin' in polish parliament. Definitely insight into ups and downs of foreigner's life in Poland will be delivered as well. Forgot to mention – his hobby is collecting beer glass coasters.

Pawel – Chap with extraordinary sense of humour. Especially in his own 'picky' way. He is also a kind of man who is always few minutes in the back – to give you an example. - we really didn't expect that this could happen but he came hour late for his own birthday party which he organized. If you are a pretty lady – you may also expect a lot of sweet talking. Born and raised in Nowa Huta. Real gentleman and quite a character as well .Dr. Jeckyll and Mr.Hide – Polish way.

Zbyszek – aka Bish. Bish studies at the Krakow pedagogical academy but we say it is a big mistake. His real great passion are the bikes. He can not only take a bike apart and back together in less than 1 h. On his penny farthing he can do tricks our great grandfathers could only dream of. That, believe it or not, makes him a very popular person in the main market square... and NO, YOU CANNOT RIDE HIS BIKE! ;)

Jacek – (pronounced ia – tzeck) or simply call him Jack. Do not be afraid of his appearence. We know that he looks like a scary russian mafia boss. In fact – he would love to be one. (but that's a secret). Jacek actually is a passionate vodka coneisseur (and he can proove it! - if you dare) and art lover. By his education he was alway deeply interested in Art and history. Few years ago he decided to share all his passions and became a city guide. Today – he makes a great company for everyone.

Konrad - Expect to see him one day picking up one of the Oscar awards. To make some bread money - Konrad is a great city guide. To make some Vodka cash – he is into film production. He is responsible for all our movies. Films are his great passion he can talk for hours above. If you have some extra time after the tour – feel free to ask him..

Mateusz (Ma' – te-ush) or Matthew - Law graduate. Mateusz is a very funny guy. He has a great sense of humor that comes along with passion for history and acting. Be prepared to bring additional pair of knickers if you 'll meet him on our 'Ghost tour'. It will be scaaarrrryyyy..

Lukas - Your health and safety guarantee in Krakow. Lukas is a professional medical doctor, so in his hands you are absolutely safe. Be carefull of his vodka anesthetic skills though.. he is a real pro. Exclusively for our bike tour we provide him with a recumbent equiped in comfy seat because we want to save you from hearing how much : 'my bum hurts' .

Paulina – The less ugly part of our team. Paulina is always dedicated and professional. She is an expert on history of Krakow and city legends. Sorry lads .. she is luckily married – you are few years late.

Iza – Great laugh and love for old city walls. Iza is passionate about the city and everything that comes along. If you need practical info on a off the beaten track restaurant or nightlife tip – she is your spring of knowledge. Her great passion is latin music. Should you require some salsa lessons – feel free to ask for a free demonstration

Grzegorz – aka Copernicus - Gregory use to wear a haircut similar to our great astronomer – that's where his nickname comes from. He has a new hairdresser though! Greg is a real gent. Meeting him is a genuine 'Sean Connery' experience – you will be astonished by his charm and attitude. Real gem on krakow's guide scene

Grzegorz – Great guide and a good company. Expect a lot of passionate narration and some really great stories. Greg is as well a professional skiing instructor – if you need any tips on Zakopane skiing slopes – just ask!

Mr. Krzysztof aka Chris - Our bike mechanic. The man whom we owe the fact that our bikes are best maintained in Krakow. He is a real specialist and craftsman you meet rarely these days. Mc Gyver would be ashamed His greatest dream is to take you on a bike tour around the world... shortly after he will wake up..

Marcin - aka Mo-sh-ch - One of the youngest and one of the most experienced in the team. It seems that he was already guiding, when Poland was still ruled by kings - a looooong time ago... In fact, his Mum is a guide, so the professional guiding is a family disease. Once upon a time the Mum couldn't or didn't want to go for a tour, and a little Marcin had to replace her. He liked it so much, that guiding has become his hobby, passion and pride. The performer. His hobby are all sort of toys.