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If it is on your neck to please a lot of different tastes and you are looking for professional, fun and reliable arrangements it is time for you to stop googling. You’ve found us! Lucky you... ;)

We have a lot of experience in different fields – just let us know what you are looking for and allow us to tailor an individual itinerary

1. FRIENDS and special occasions

Groups for special occasions Ok. So this year it is your turn to make everybody smilin' wide – let us help you. Whether you are planning a birthday party with a dinner to remember or an experience of subduing trip to Auschwitz Museum we will come up with solutions to keep you free from logistic worries. All the necessary arrangements, door-to-door transportation and personal care will be provided.

2. School groups

Offer for school groups It is always a hard task to organize a trip which would be both educational and fun for your flock. No worries. Our young staff will keep them entertained and focused on the tour. We have a lot of experience in working with different schools from all over Europe and the US. Apart from our standard offer we specialize in organizing special arrangements:

  • bike tours and trips
  • meetings with Holocaust Survivors
  • sport events
  • fun activities (water park, zoo, ghost tours,)
  • group friendly budget restaurant bookings
  • transportation
  • and other 'sky is the limit' quotes :)
Just drop us a line specifying what you are looking for and we will get back with tailored itinerary at very competitive rates.

3. Corporate
Business trip or just casual integration – you name it, we've got it. We offer specially designed sightseeing programs during which you can explore Krakow in an unusual way. For instance – city exploration games, sightseeing with historical figures, folklore shows – all in non-cheese way.
We also offer special arrangements like:
  • horse carriage rides
  • restaurant bookings and closed parties
  • special events and activities – AK47 shooting, Paintball, Quad trips, Rafting etc.
  • transportation and transfer services
Please feel free to contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to prepare a special itinerary for you.
Our clients: Locheed Martin, Coca-Cola, ...Geofizyka Krakow,
Corporate events in Krakow

4. Radio & TV Recee and fixing

RTE Recce filming in Krakow

Preparing to film in Krakow. We offer fixing services to help you with your production. Local knowledge connected with contacts and a lot of experience is all you need on the spot.
We helped:
  • RTE
  • Ghosthunters Scotland

5. VIP
We are a proud partner of Official City of Krakow Festival Bureau. We provide tourist services to celebrities and VIPS. Discretion, professionalism and flexibility are our cardinal virtues.